Audacity imports RAW at twice the speed, sometimes


So I have my own app which records voice data in the PCM format at 44100, 16 Bit, and in MONO. There is no header, just raw data. I use Audacity to import the data to check it sometimes. Once in a while it thinks the data is stereo, and I check it back to mono and all is well. But once in a blue moon, it still reads the input at twice the speed.

Just curious if anyone knew what this might be indicative of?

Thanks ahead,


In raw capture, you have to tell the system everything. If it thinks the sample rate is off you can get off-speed presentation.


I’ve run across that, and as long as I tell it the right settings all is well…but, at least three times that didn’t help, and the speed was off. Just trying to figure out why and what it means,

at least three times that didn’t help

You changed the sample rate and the pitch of the clip did not change?