Audacity: How do you prevent app from updating?

I uncheck Check for Updates box in Application/Preferences but no Audacity updates a few times a week!
Each time it resets all my Preferences and each time it has upgraded to the same v3.2.1.

My preferences for workflow:

Ctrl A - Select
A - Normalize
Q - +
Z - End
E - Export audio
W - Close
O - Fade out

View - Show Clipping, track name, Extra menus
Save in - Desktop

sounds like you have multiple versions of Audacity installed which you keep switching between. Try uninstalling all versions of Audacity first (there may be one in both C:\Program Files\Audacity and C:\Program Files (x86)\Audacity) and then installing only the one you want.

That said, I’m interested to know what the problem is with 3.2.1 which interferes with your workflow. If you only use 3.2.1, it doesn’t reset any preferences anyway.