Audacity 'Help' does not open in Safari on Mac

I have Audacity 2.0.5 on a Mac Mini with OS 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion). My default browser is Safari 6.1.5.

If I have Audacity running and click on ‘Help’, Safari opens — but to its normal opening page, not to the Audacity manual. I have located the manual on the Audacity site, and can open it from there, but this is quite inconvenient if one wants to look something up in the manual while working in Audacity.

Is this an Audacity problem or a Safari one? If the former, I should be really grateful for any suggestion for how to get round it.

Opening up help in the web browser doesn’t mean Safari is going on-line. Mine goes into the Audacity application folder and gets the help from there.

What’s the possibility you didn’t install Audacity quite right? Did you get an Audacity DMG file from somewhere, open it up and drag the Audacity folder into /Applications? It’s possible to run it right from that folder and not actually install it. If you do that, Audacity may create a number of problems.