Audacity headroom with Zoom H2 as USB input

Hello all. . . . I am using 2.0.6. on a Windows 7 64bit machine.

I am wondering about input headroom issues using a Zoom H2 setup as a USB input. Basically, the audacity (which I suppose uses Windows sound level) meter is extremely hot compared to the H2 meter. When my H2 meter shows moderate levels with tons of headroom, the audacity meters are clipping. I’m just wondering what the optimal headroom chain is between the two devices.

And, what is the signal chain here? I’m assuming that the H2 does the analog/digital conversions then sends the digital signal to my PC. Why this drastic discrepancy in headroom between the two devices? Or, am I missing something here?

Windows can change the volume of digital inputs. That and there is sometimes a “boost” setting in addition to the other adjustments. It’s all buried in the Windows Control Panels.

I can’t find a FAQ specifically for this and I’m a Mac elf.

See if there’s anything in here.


I’m not a Windows elf either, but the Windows Sound Control Panel information is here: