Audacity has stopped working

About half of the time I record my podcast, I get a message afterward saying “Audacity has stopped working” and it says I can manually recover my recordings. I have searched and cannot find them. 1) Why am I getting this AFTER I am done recording, 2) WHERE are the temporary files that I am supposed to be able to recover manually?

Are you trying to record over a network? Audacity won’t do that. You, the recording, and the storage have to be on the same machine. Audacity doesn’t know what “Network Delay” is.

Audacity will not run into a full or highly fragmented hard drive. Both will fail erratically. Just “Big” won’t do it. They have to be clean and error free.

Audacity may not work into an external USB drive.

Are you using the latest Audacity, 2.0.3?


Then you are not using the current Audacity 2.0.3. You are most likely using 1.2 on Windows Vista or 7 where we explicitly say that 1.2 should not be used (because it was initially designed before Vista and 7 existed).

Download 2.0.3 from the address Koz gave .

Please see here for installation help: .

As explained, probably because you chose to use 1.2 on an operating system where we ask you not to use 1.2 - see .

In your Audacity temporary folder. Please see .


I downloaded the latest version of Audacity directly from them. I am using Windows 7 and I get the “Stopped Working” AFTER I stop recording and before I get to “Save Project.”

You have probably downloaded a crapware or malware version of Audacity from somewhere else that will damage your computer.

Please download Audacity only from the link you were given .

After downloading from please look at Help > About Audacity and give us the three numbers you see after “Audacity”. Then we will know if you have downloaded the correct 2.0.3 or not.


It now says Audacity 2.0.3. Thank you! I will give it a whirl and see if my problem is gone. :smiley: