Audacity has disabled microphone permanently

Windows 10

Audacity 2.1.2

Hi, I have an issue with Audacity where it has disabled my system audio from working properly. Changing the microphone volume from within Audacity causes a weird sort of system crash, and has made all the microphones on the computer non functional. Even after rolling back, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, installing new drivers, and checking/repairing system files, the microphones remain non functional. This includes an inbuilt laptop microphone, and a Logitech G430 headset microphone. The G430 microphone does not work at all, and the inbuilt laptop microphone sounds like a voice modulator is active and lowering the pitch several tones, plus garbling the audio. Everything worked 100% normally until I attempted changing the volume within audacity, I can cause the weird system crash at will by changing the microphone volume within audacity. Programs will gradually become non responsive, and will eventually require a restart to work properly.

Did this laptop come with Windows 10 or did you install Windows 10 on top of previous Windows? If you installed over previous Windows you need the correct manufacturer’s audio drivers. Please see With incorrect drivers devices may fail in use ir when you adjust them.

Even when you have correct drivers, to use an internal microphone for music recording you must turn off Noise Suppression and other enhancements.

And does not say that the G430 supports Windows 10.


The details about to fix Logitech G430 Microphone not working on Windows 10 has been mentioned here.

I hope this link will help you to fix your propblem with Audacity disabling the laptop microphone and especially the malfunctoin of Logitech G430 headset microphone.