Audacity hangs while editing or playing

I’ve been running audacity on an old core 2 duo box with DDR2 ram for several months without any real problem. I upgraded my main PC and stuck the old mobo (Z77 with i5 3750k, 16GB DDR3) thinking it would do even better. (Doing anything on the web and such was slow) But now it’s hanging whenever I try to edit a file. It will work OK for a few seconds then take anywhere from 1-5 seconds to do anything like copy/paste or advance the timeline by clicking the scroll bar. I was running 2.2.2 but found there was an update when I figured I’d try reinstalling it, but 2.3.0 does the same thing. File size doesn’t matter. I’m using a Scarlet Solo USB with AT2020 mic. I did have some issues with the USB when I first hooked it up. It didn’t like USB 3.0 plug. I’m guessing this is a hardware/windows issue, but if anyone has any suggestions I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

Check that Windows is fully updated. Windows 10 can become virtually unusable if it is trying to update in the background.

I’ll check, but I’m not noticing any lag or hanging with anything else.

Going to close this. Definitely a windows issue. Can’t load it at all today. Getting horrible hanging using windows explorer. Apparently it did not take the hardware change as well as I had thought.

It was a pending HD failure. Sadly I was too slow to recognize it and lost several days worth of work. Oh well, now i can do a better job this time around.