Audacity group on Soundcloud [CLOSED]

As I understand it - I am not a lawyer- a karaoke version of the original song with the vocals removed would be a remix. For a remix, you need permission from the copyright owner and song publisher and a mechanical licence on which you pay fees:
Sue Basko, Lawyer for Independent Media: Music Samples: How to Use Them Legally .

According to Remix - Wikipedia

if the work that is distributed by the remixer is an entirely new and transformative work that is not for profit, copyright laws are not breached. The key word in such considerations is transformative, as the remix product must have been either sufficiently altered or clearly used for a sufficiently different purpose for it to be safe from copyright violation.

A karaoke version is probably not transformative.

When you record a cover version, you don’t need permission, but you must pay fees:

Sue Basko, Lawyer for Independent Media: Cover Songs: Performing and Recording Them Legally .

However if you are adding your own vocals after removing vocals from the original song, that is not in my understanding usually regarded as recording a cover. It is usually regarded as a remix, so permission is required as above.


So, basically, we cannot post a cover of a song, only originals? Which means that one should, in the interest of avoiding legal problems, copyright his own songs before sharing. I ask, not to be a snot but because I belong to a singer’s forum and we post covers all the time.

Well we certainly can’t encourage, or be seen to encourage copyright violation can we, so we don’t :wink:

In most countries, copyright is automatic. If you create something new, you are the copyright holder. However, in the case of a dispute, proving that you are the copyright holder may well be a very different issue, and being able to enforce your intellectual property rights is certainly not straightforward unless you have pockets deep enough to employ a battalion of expensive lawyers.

Making your music freely available does not mean giving up your intellectual property right. There are a number of licensing schemes for making your music freely available. This site has more information: Licenses List | Creative Commons

Nice, I’m going to have a look at it! By the way - I love Soundcloud!

Who let the dogs out?

with a few exceptions everything on my page has either been recorded with Audacity and those that were not were all edited and mixed , etc on Audacity. Will add your group.

some decent ones done completely on Audacity:

just to name a few…love it. do all my editing on it.

oh and covers are fine as long as there are no sampled parts or any parts of the original. a recording you made 100% of yourself or band or whatnot is totally fine. trust me, im married to a music business major who currently works in music licensing…

this looks like it may be fun.

Went to join, but apparently Soundcloud is doing away with groups, as of today… aaa-auh! :neutral_face:

Yes, unfortunately SoundCloud has discontinued this service.

I shall lock this forum thread as it is no longer applicable, but if anyone wants to suggest an alternative free service where music makers using Audacity can share their creations, then please start a new forum topic and we shall look into the possibility of starting a new group.