Audacity group on Soundcloud [CLOSED]

UPDATE: As of 22nd August 2016, SoundCloud has discontinued the “groups” feature.
Many thanks to everyone that contributed to the Audacity SoundCloud group. It was fun while it lasted.

This forum topic is now locked and retained for historical interest. If you wish to suggest an alternative free service for the Community of Audacity music makers to share their work, please start a new topic.

Audacity now has a group on Soundcloud:

If you make music with Audacity, you are invited to post your creations to the group.
Please only post music that has been created with Audacity - that’s the point of the group :wink:
It will also help to add the tag #Audacity or #madewithaudacity to your work.

Please ensure that your uploads comply with Soundcloud’s legal conditions:

What is that group’s policy about covers and remixes?

My understanding is that if you are recording covers of other people’s songs this is legal if you pay the appropriate fees. See:

Sue Basko, Lawyer for Independent Media: Cover Songs: Performing and Recording Them Legally .

A remix song recombines audio pieces from a recording to create an altered version of the song. If you sample someone else’s work in your songs you must get permission from the composer:
Sue Basko, Lawyer for Independent Media: Music Samples: How to Use Them Legally .

According to Remix - Wikipedia

if the work that is distributed by the remixer is an entirely new and transformative work that is not for profit, copyright laws are not breached. The key word in such considerations is transformative, as the remix product must have been either sufficiently altered or clearly used for a sufficiently different purpose for it to be safe from copyright violation.


“We” don’t have or need a policy. Soundcloud already have policies in place. Soundcloud users agree to Soundcloud’s terms and conditions by using their service.

In detail:

Thanks for clarifying. I see there that SoundCloud do block copyrighted content using fingerprinting/content identification.


So I take it I can’t post the full length '70’s/'80’s remixed songs I’ve previously posted short before/after samples on Audacity forums, correct?

I have to get permission in writing from the owner of the license (i.e. Sony Entertainment, Warner Bros., etc.) and/or creator of the content from DIY homegrown producers.

In reference to this SoundCloud Help/Legal section…“What is copyright infringement and how can I avoid it?”

If someone were to duplicate a copyrighted work, publish it online, adapt it, remix it, or use it in any other way without rights holder permission, this would be considered copyright infringement.

Just gave a listen to some the selections on the Audacity SoundCloud site.

How does one tell if these were generated using Audacity? Is there some kind of detail section or EXIF metadata to read?

Steve, how did you find out these were made with Audacity?

Ultimately, we don’t, but it would be pretty dumb in my opinion for someone to post in the Audacity group if they didn’t use Audacity. Anyone can open a free Soundcloud account and upload their music. The Audacity group provides a “virtual meeting place” for Audacity enthusiasts. The only real point of posting to the Audacity Soundcloud group is to say "Hey, I did this with Audacity :smiley:

Again, steve, you amaze me with your sobering logical way of looking and explaining things plainly. Never considered the POV…“If you build it…(Audacity SoundCloud account)…, they will post their results, only without an explanation on what they did”.

This is what I get for relying on assumptions and not looking at the obvious.

I guess discussing what they did in Audacity would be to make comments in the comments section if provided for each individual entry. OK, got it.

hey–think you guys have a block of sorts keeping songs from posting there–does not go through.

If you have posted a remix that the SoundCloud anti-piracy algorithms detect, yes it will be blocked.


NEVER! --!/nope, not me…/thanks. It noted “waiting approval”–something like that.

If copyright protection algorithms exist on SoundCloud they are not very good : it has plenty of unauthorised sampling and remixing, e.g. … unofficial remix results on SoundCloud - Listen to music

Some [very good] unofficial “bootleg” remixes on SoundCloud are incorrectly labelled “creative commons” , e.g. …

Some SoundCloud remixes appear to be official in that the remixer has had access to the multi-track original, e.g. …

If you can’t get something to upload to SoundCloud it’s probably a glitch , ( you have to disable browser plugins like NoScript for uploads to SoundCloud to work ).

Hi Black Dog,

As you’re aware, the group is very new, so we’re still sorting it out and learning the (many) quirks and limitations of the SoundCloud interface as we go, so please be patient with us :wink:

Regarding content on the Audacity SoundCloud group, I received an e-mail from the other group moderator while I was away on holiday. His view, and I’m inclined to agree, is that because Audacity is not age restricted, we cannot accept “adult only” content. Personally, I didn’t find your song to be particularly offensive, but as you indicated in the song title, it does contain “explicit” language.

I’m pleased that this issue has come up early on in our SoundCloud experience as it allows us to come up with clear guidelines. I’d therefore welcome comments and suggestions about “acceptable content” on the Audacity SoundCloud Group site.

Thanks, Trebor, for finding those SoundCloud remixes of old R&B hits.

I can hear the no overdubbed/heavily ProLogic edited “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” bass line doesn’t quite sound right compared to the synth bass/drum overdubbed “Ojays” remix which sounds fantastic.

I wonder how those remixes get around copyright infringement take downs on that site.

Probably because nobody has reported them and record companies are not checking SoundCloud (yet).
I’ve noticed that a lot of “tributes”, remixes and covers have recently been disappearing from YouTube.

YouTube [ a subsidiarity of Google] does have automatic checking algorithms : aka “content ID”.

Hey thanks Steve, no problem (thanks for letting me know)… Not to argue but I thought about it (before hand, as well)! (the language) And observing Youtube with a lot of the new rap/hip music… they just put “explicit” on it (the ‘official’ video’s) and that’s (it), is the only thing I’ve noticed, so I do the same–so far so good. It’s still questionable though (to me)-- “what’s good for certain ages?” and all, I understand though. And understand ‘Audacities’ stance as well–darn. Oops! Is that okay–“darn?,” --kidding. :laughing:

Uhm, hello, newbie here. How about my situation? I make minus one music using audacity for my covers. But at the description of my cover, I put “Originally by (Artist)”. Is there any way on how I can give credits to the artist and avoid copyright? Thanks. :slight_smile: :question:

If you mean (by “minus one music”) that you are removing the vocal from a commercial recording, then that will be covered by the copyright of the original recording, and to distribute it (legally) will require the explicit permission of the copyright holder (and may require payment of royalties).

So I have no choice but to remove my track? :frowning: I thought I can just tell that it was originally by the artist and I dont intend to steal it. Awww