Audacity gives me a import error when I try to open a file

Version 2.1.3 So I was working on a file and when I hit save I thought it had saved but my PC “ran into some problems” and reset soon after. When I went to the file it showed that it had been last saved at the time i had saved it which seemed good. However when I hit open it came up with an error message saying that I was trying to import an audacity file and that I should use file > open instead, even though I was using the open function. Audacity has no issue opening other files but when I try to open this one I get the import error message and there are no previous versions available. What can I do to recover my work?

This is an AUP file, right? There is some information [u]here[/u] about Audacity project files and how to possibly recover from a crash or other problems.

But… You may have to start over… It’s usually best if you back-up as WAV files (It depends on what you’re doing but I usually don’t even make an AUP project). And depending on how critical the project is and/or how difficult/impossible it is to start-over, maybe multiple back-ups including to a different drive. And if you are recording something super-critical, run a back-up recorder in parallel… Computers are the most unreliable gadgets we own!