Audacity gets worse and worse to use after every update!

I love your program and am really grateful that audacity exists.
However, after the last update I feel really sick.
Why did you make the export function so complicated? I edit a lot of songs and you get used to a certain way of doing things. It becomes second nature. And suddenly I have to click on the metadata that was previously conveniently attached to the export… That annoys me. Please fix bugs or improve the quality, but do NOT change the operation and handling in the future


I agree - I’ve just accidentally saved 3 files with the same metadata because I got used to relying on that prompt to check the tags each time I export music.

We may get used to this new method however, A SUGGESTION (for our beloved developer community): Why not make it an option in “Preferences” to always show the “edit metadata” panel when exporting? Then those who find it a nuisance popping up every time can leave that unchecked, whereas those used to the old 3.3 workflow won’t keep hitting this wall of frustration.

“I love your program and am really grateful that audacity exists.” That said—
While working on my first, simple music file in 3.4.1 I already came across a few problems:
I echo the complaints about the Metadata and the old simplicity of exporting to mp3.
(Also, when I would do a Studio Fade-Out at the end of the track Audacity would divide the track into 2 portions; 2 separate audio clips on the same track.)
And other problems not related to this specific topic of Metadata and Exporting.
I have reinstalled 3.3.3.
I do sincerely thank you guys again for this cool program, good luck!

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My journey with Audacity ends with version 2.3.3
You might choose to “develop” the interface further but keep in mind
I, and perhaps others, will not tolerate uncalled for changes.
Take the vertical zoom, that rolled back 100 years, unusable.
And another “feature” I forgot since I got so irritated.
There is some smart guys who want to impose these changes:
Arturo, James, Roger, Steve, Greg, Paul, Peter, Bill,Richard, Christian, Matt, Michael, Al, Benjamin, Joshua, Ruslan, Vaughan, Leland, Dominic, Markus, Monty, Shane, Tony, Alexandre, and Martyn. Then there are several contributers that I dont list here.
Tips: Try these out on some women and you will find some interesting results.
Making a halt here.