Audacity Frozen after Auto Duck Selection?

I selected some audio to duck under another track and now my project seems frozen. I have mouse and menu access but can’t make any selections. The program acts as if there is an open dialog box somewhere but I’ve searched and can’t find any prompts waiting for action on my part. All I see to have now is to force quite and hope I can recover my project afterwards. Does this pattern sound familiar to anyone? I’ve just upgraded to 2.12 which feels a little too buggy so far. Any advice on how to deal with this if it happens again would be appreciated too.

Thanks, Dale

How long is the show? Stereo?

We don’t make a 2.12 version. If you really have that, that could be the problem. I’ll test this later, but I don’t think it is a known problem unless you have some other real time effect open as well as Auto Duck.