Audacity freezing and losing data after recording [SOLVED]

Hello guys,

I am new to this forum and very impressed with Audacity as a open source application.
However, I am having a problem. I am using Audacity to record my uncle’s reel to reel tapes of American jazz radio from the 70’s. This results in 2 hour long recordings (per side). The problem I am having is that after the recording when I push the stop button Audacity becomes unresponsive while processing the data. This takes very long (30 minutes). After that it reports the los of data which is marked in de final project file. The loss of data is substantial and occurs in multiple places in the recording. With a shorter one hour recording I had no problems at all.

I’m using:
OS-X 10.13 on a Mac Pro
Audacity 2.3.0
Audacity and the OS are on an SSD drive
and I am recording on a different internal harddrive
I did “save project as” before I started the recording

I found posts on Audacity 2.3.0 crashing or freezing but not quite the same situation as I’m having.
Any help is very much appreciated.

Peter Busch

Hello again,

It seems I have the problem solved. I made two changes:

  • setting the tempt folder also to a different internal harddrive
  • not saving the project before recording but after recording.

Works fine now.

Sorry about posting to soon.

Peter Busch

Glad you have fixed the problem.
(Topic closed as “Solved”)

For the benefit of other readers, Audacity uses the Temp folder for storing the project data for new projects that have not yet been saved. For projects that have been saved, Audacity uses the project’s “_data” folder instead of the Temp folder.

There must be plenty of free space available for the data, whether it is being stored in the Temp folder or the project “_data” folder.

It is recommended to use internal hard drives for storing the project data. Network drives are likely to cause problems when working on projects as Audacity required guaranteed availability of read/write access, but network delays can prevent that from happening.