Audacity Freezes upon loading

I am tryin to load Audacity2.x on my windows 7 computer. For some reason it completely freezes my computer. I do not have this problem with any other programs to my knowledge.

Any kind of response would help.
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Since this is a forum and not a help desk, we’d just as soon keep the discussion here. Also, I changed your address. It’s very dangerous to post live email addresses on the forum. We get a lot of visits from spam generators.

I am tryin to load Audacity2.x on my windows 7 computer.

Describe the computer more. Is an older computer that you upgraded or is it new?

It freezes your computer when you install it or when you try to run it? Exactly where in the process does it fail?

Really, it takes Win7 out all the way back to reboot and log in, or you get a frozen screen and no keyboard or mouse? Does the Control-Alt-Delete reboot still work? How do you get the computer back after a freeze?


It is a 2 year old computer with an i5 processor, so it runs pretty quickly.

After i launch audacity it freezes my entire computer after about 3 seconds. The program does not even load.

I can’t ctrl-alt-del and bring up the task manager, it is completely frozen. I have to turn it off using the powerbutton.

Did you install the .exe or the .zip from here…

Is this a fresh install? Did you have an older Audacity?


I have tried using both. It is a fresh install. It used to work then for some reason it stopped so I unistalled the program.

Uninstalling Audacity doesn’t uninstall Audacity. It’s one of our silly little quirks. To “Reset” Audacity, you have to carefully manage the separate preferences file. You might want to do this and see if it helps.


I did that once before, and it didnt work.

However i just did it again and it worked.

Thanks alot!

I tried that and it worked once. After i closed the program it started to freeze again.

If the entire computer freezes, it is probably a problem with your sound device. You can probably prove that by starting Windows in Safe Mode ( ) then launching Audacity. In Safe Mode, Windows does not start the audio service, so Audacity does not query the sound devices.

See for ideas. You may have a memory dump you can look at. Try updating your sound device drivers so they are the latest ones made by the motherboard or computer manufacturer
( ).


I ran it in safemode and it worked; however i could not record anything.

Then i went and updated my audio drivers and still encountered the same problem.

The sound device drivers have to be made by the computer or motherboard manufacturer, not by Microsoft. If you are sure the sound device drivers are correct, use WhoCrashed to look at the memory dump as suggested.