Audacity freezes on Windows 10 Home

Hi, just wondering if anyone knows a fix for running Audacity (latest version) on Win 10 Home please?
Twice now it has frozen the whole PC after recording around 20 minutes of audio, meaning I have lost 2 sessions of rcording through not even being able to Ctrl/Alt/Del to solve the issue.
PC totally freezes everything. Non-recoverable except via hard reboot.
Brand new PC running a clean and bare installation of Win 10 Home v 1511
The only other software running on this PC is a stage lighting program for the Whole Hog 4 lighting console on PC.
System is: Intel Core i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70 GHz.
16 Gb RAM
64 bit OS.

Non-recoverable except via hard reboot.

As a rule, Audacity can’t do that, but Audacity can step on sound drivers and drivers have a direct path to Windows.

Check that your soundcard and anything else you have that uses audio has the correct Windows driver software installed.

Does Win10 support Whole Hog 4 lighting console? It has to say so in clear English. If the support documents only go to Win7, you may have your fault.


Thanks, I have checked the drivers, but will double check the lighting software.