Audacity Freezes on Scree Saver

Audacity 2.2.2:

Start recording with Audacity 2.2.2.

Mac screen goes into screen saver.

When you move your mouse to stop the screen saver, Audacity is frozen.

Is this a known problem?

When a computer goes to sleep, it may shut down running services to conserve power. This may include shutting down USB devices, audio devices, hard drives …
If a hard drive or sound card is shut down while Audacity is using it, Audacity is likely to freeze or crash. It is generally advisable (especially when making long unattended recordings), to ensure that the computer’s power saving features do not kick in while using Audacity. (Many professional studios completely disable power saving features on their computers, configure the computer to shut down completely at night, and reboot automatically just before the studio opens in the morning, and schedule maintenance tasks and updates on days when the computer will not be used.)

Is this a known problem?

So that would be no. My El Capitan with Audacity 2.2.2 picks up right where it left off when I wake it.

We’re talking about Apple (upper left) > Sleep, right? I can sleep with a brief press of the power button on a MacBook Air.

What else do you have running when it goes to sleep, and do you put it to sleep, or is it falling asleep on its own? I only let my Macs go to sleep automatically when they’re on batteries.

Just reading that again. Are you recording when the machine goes to sleep? Don’t do that. That’s very bad practice. Turn sleep off if you know it’s going to overlap a recording session. As above, I don’t let my machines sleep at all except on batteries, and that one is an hour. How long was the recording?


Thanks for both of your replies.

Yes, it’s recording when the acreen saver kicks in after 5 minutes idle.

The audio-in minijack is the input for the signal, not USB.

Audacity 2.2.2

Sierra on a Mac Pro

The advice is: Turn power saving off when recording.