Audacity freezes on certain files, but not others

I have an audiobook project I’m working on and lately, some files seem to be acting strange.
Some files I have no issue editing/deleting/copy & pasting, though I will say it appears to be running slightly slower than normal. While others freeze when I try to do any sort of edit. I get the spinning rainbow wheel and nothing else. The software immediately stops responding and I have to force quit.
This inconsistency is very annoying and messing with my workflow.

I am running the current version of Audacity with Big Sur as my OS.
What the heck is going on? I don’t want to have to re-record that whole chapter/file but it won’t let me do anything to it.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Quick update:
Punch/paste will work fine but anytime I Paste from a copy within the file immediately freeze. Now affecting all my files.

If this happens, Export your tracks to .WAV files, then re-Import into a new project.

It is not advisable to do a force quit on your .aup3 project file. This could interfere with normal database checkpoint operations and could contribute to a corrupt or altogether lost project.

Another way to “rescue” a wayward project is to Ctrl+A = Select All, Ctrl+C = Copy, Ctrl+N = New Project, Ctrl+V = Paste, then do NOT copy the uneeded smart clip data that will bog down your project.

Also, I don’t recommend using network drives to actively update your .aup3 project database file to the internet while you are editing.

This was helpful, but I don’t always like working in WAV formats.
Why won’t the keyboard shortcuts work anymore?
Even if I copy the whole audio file and paste it into a new file, the paste button still crashes the app when I try to replace the selected audio with the audio I copied.
This is not a functional work flow.

I don’t know. What changed on you machine?

If this is happening, please upload the files in question. I will try to duplicate the issue on my machine.

Nothing changed on my machine. This didn’t start happening until I updated to the newest version of Audacity.
It’s only on the aup3 files.
I cannot upload any because they’re all too big for this forum.

Yes; so upload to a file sharing service and post a link.

Do you still have the installer for your last known good working Audacity?


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