audacity freezes during export to mp3 or wav

windows 7 computer. audacity version 2.2.1 Lame version 3.99.3 (ironic name) 6 GB of ram, 64% of memory available
Installed audacity latest version. installed lame latest version. rebooted just in case.

So I import a track as a wav. waveform pops up and song plays fine. export - export as mp3 and program freezes. wait half hour. still frozen have to task manager and delete process.

import track as a wav. export as wav. same thing program freezes.

installed lame as directed.

We’ve seen a handful of reports like this, but we’ve not been able to reproduce the problem.

How big was the project that you were saving?
Was it a recording, or imported file(s)?

Where were you exporting it to? (drive and path)
What was the file name?

Is the problem repeatable for you with other files, or just that specific one?

Does the problem occur if you record something rather than importing a file?