Audacity Freeze

When I finished recording, I want to export it to MP3. Lot of time, Audacity will freeze when it wants me to input the filename.
Because I used Traditional Chinese interface, so, I do think maybe this is caused by interface issue. So, I changed to English interface. And get same result, Audacity Freeze when it need me to input filename.

Finally, I find the way to avoid this Freeze: I need to set my Keyboard Input Method to ENG, not any Chinese Input method. Then it works every time, if I remember to set it to ENG.

So, is there any way to avoid this set issue? I use Chinese Input for my daily activities. Too many possibilities Keyboard will be in Chinese input mode. Can anyone help?


See this topic:

Thanks for the answer. It works. The only problem is: it’s very hard to follow Microsoft web instruction to change IME to old version. Don’t know who translate the English to Chinese. :smiley: