Audacity Forum Webpage

The forum webpage loads but you cannot click anything from Windows Chrome. Reboot changed nothing.

Windows Edge works perfectly.

I reported this in June but this is still happening … even on this new pc.

Anything? I’m still forced to use Edge instead of Chrome.

Maybe you have an extension that interferes with something? it works perfectly fine in my Chrome, also Firefox and others.

That sounded like an EXCELLENT idea! So, I opened this very conversation in Chrome just now and, as usual, the site didn’t work. I couldn’t click on anything or scroll.

The plan was to disable all extensions and then reenable them until I determined the culprit.

Of course, something was different today than other days. Chrome had an update. I always stay current and the latest update was a month or so ago. So, I decided to update Chrome and then tackle your extension theory.

Unfortunately, the Chrome update unexpectedly solved the issue … I am typing this response from Chrome!

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