Audacity for Windows 10

Now that Microsoft is determined to shove Windows 10 down our collective throats (MS news released on 10/29/2015), are there any near-future plans to provide a version of Audacity that is supported by Windows 10? Does that MS news change anything about what Gale’s earlier post says relative to using Audacity with Windows 10? (That post was locked so I couldn’t respond to that post.)

As I understand it, Windows 10 will imminently become an “optional” update and next year will become a “recommended” update for Windows 7 and 8.

When it becomes “recommended” you will receive it unless you have turned off automatic updates.

If you do receive it, a Windows 10 installer will be downloaded and opened (but won’t install without the user agreeing to it). You can then hide the update and in theory it should not be downloaded again (if it behaves like “normal” updates).

Nothing changes for Audacity for the upcoming 2.1.2 release. On new machines that come with Windows 10, current Audacity will work fine with the built-in sound device. If you have a machine that was upgraded from previous Windows, or older external sound devices, Audacity may not see any devices at all. For example in the case that you have a new machine that came with Windows 10 but also have an old external sound card that only has Windows 7 drivers, you “may” have to disconnect the external card to use the built-in device.

A few people have found that if you reboot after connecting the unsupported external device, then make sure that external device is default Windows device for playback and/or recording, Audacity may thereafter recognise external and built-in. You should not rely on that. If you can find newer drivers for Windows 10 that are properly matched to your older built-in or external sound devices, that is the best solution.

After 2.1.2 is released, hopefully the developers will look into making Audacity more resilient on Windows 10 if the available drivers are not perfectly matched to the system.