Audacity for Windows 10 Works for Me!

PC: Toshiba A665-s5173 (Satellite)
Audio: Realtek Hi-Def Audio
OS: Windows 10 Pro
Version of Audacity: 2.1.0
Date of Audacity Install: 2015-10-18

Error Message Upon Installation of Audacity 2.1.0: (Could not find audio devices). Nevertheless, I completed the installation. Sure enough, Audacity could not find any audio devices on the computer.

Solution: The Audacity website cautions that your computer should have the very LATEST audio drivers. So, I went directly to REALTEK.COM (in my case) and downloaded the latest drivers for Realtek HD Audio (The specific Realtek driver depends on your Toshiba notebook model.). Once the new Realtek drivers were installed and the computer was re-booted I launched Audacity. Bingo! Audacity immediately recognized the audio devices on my computer. I then tested the recording and playback and everything works GREAT!

NOTE TO TOSHIBA NOTEBOOK OWNERS: If you own a “legacy” Toshiba notebook that is no longer in production (more than 2-3 years old) then you will likely NOT find the latest audio driver on the Toshiba Support page that will work with Audacity. This is why I went directly to REALTEK.COM to get the very latest drivers.

i STRONGLY recommend that you download ANY drivers from the MANUFACTURER’S website and not via third-party driver support sites (such as SourceForge and others) if at all possible. Third-party sites often require you to download their “driver download software” before actually getting the driver you need – if they have the correct driver at all. I personally stay away from such sites since I have no idea what their “driver download” software will do to my computer, what information such software might surreptitiously harvest from my computer or what the website wants to sell me via pesky popups or advertising span following installation. In short, it’s better to be SAFE than SORRY by staying away from such sites. Just sayin’ - MG

Thanks for the feedback, coolmadmelvin.

Drivers from Realtek will be generic (not perfectly matched to your hardware) so are second-best compared to Windows 10 drivers supplied by the computer or motherboard manufacturer (if there are any).

Sometimes, Windows 8.1 drivers supplied by the computer manufacturer may work. I have an IDT sound device on a three years old HP laptop for which HP don’t supply Windows 10 drivers. Realtek drivers are not recognised but Audacity recognises IDT with Windows 8.1 drivers. Stereo mix is disabled, though.

I completely agree with you about third-party driver download sites. A few such sites are reputable but most are not and the software or site will probably infect your computer.