Audacity for iPhone

This was mentioned in a previous topic but it was in 2012, so I assume a new post is warranted and the moderators wouldn’t want me to bring a dead thread back to life.

I’m probably jumping in prematurely since I have only been on this forum for an hour and I have limited experience in iPhone programming and I may not be learning C++ until 2022; but I’m doing a degree in IT and I love Audacity, music, and programming, so I thought I’d put it out there. I have to do a programming project for my degree (which I only just started at the beginning of this month) and I’d be interested in porting Audacity to the iPhone.

Blessings Joe. :slight_smile:

the moderators wouldn’t want me to bring a dead thread back to life.

This is good with a reference to an earlier post.

The very worse thing you can do is tag to the end of somebody else’s existing post and take the post in a new direction. “My problem is exactly like hers only different.” Those are impossible to follow and are frowned on.

porting Audacity to the iPhone.

… and keep up with Apple’s machinations re: changing chip sets and OS’s, and keeping the Audacity improvements current, and drop in to the forum to help with product support and user help.

And write the manual.

I think that’s the full basket. Someone will post if I left anything out.

The job is not porting Audacity to iOS; you can do that if you want. It’s designing and implementing the process and support for porting Audacity to iOS. If you don’t do that, you will have programmed a celebrity unicorn.

There are examples of people who have ported or produced customized versions of Audacity and then went home before they managed support. The poor users show up on the forum and we can do little or nothing for them. They don’t have “Audacity.” They have Audacity-Adjacent. That’s what you may be producing.

Let’s see what the others have to say.


Your roommate in the dorm is going to produce the Android version, right? History is dripping with collaborations like that.