Audacity For Audio Visual Productions Using Pictures to Exe

I have just completed 3 video tutorials on the basic use of Audacity in audio visual productions. they are available as free downloads from Mediafire. This is my first attempt at using video capture software, so be gentle. The videos were produced using Pictures To Exe, Camtasia Studio 8 & Audacity of course.
These are quite large files so beware.

No h.264? The system tried to download a Windows .exe file. That’s not going to do my Mac any good.

Hi Koz
These are Exe’s specifically for PC, to upload a Mac version to Mediafire as well is a big comittment in upload time. However I have just uploaded Tutorial No4 PC version to Mediafire & also to YouTube in a low res, but you can see that on your Mac. It’s under a new heading Audacity Tutorial No 4