Audacity flush cache

Does Audacity keep data in cache or temp file when all audio windows have been closed after editing? which I image it does, and is there a way to FLUSH cache/temp file without having to close and restart Audacity?

I’m posting this question at risk of being seen as a dummy.


Audacity only keeps a copy if it crashes, otherwise it’s automatically deleted when Audacity is closed.
In windows it’s stored here …


Personally I would not delete anything from that “AutoSave” folder while Audacity was open.

Thanks, that’s handy folder to make note of.

I was referring to `undo´ data… what are they called? au files?

So now the question is, how to clear Audacity Undo and AutoSave data, as if you closed the program and restarted it.


You can “discard” part/all of the `undo´ data from “History” …,_Redo_and_History#Discard