Audacity filters

Greetings all,

I have Audacity on Ubuntu DreamStudio 12.04 LTS. The machine DreamStudio is on is a 500Gb HDD/4Gb RAM/32-bit IBM desktop.

Audacity was downloaded from Ubuntu Software Centre. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you, from the top of my head, which version it is, since the desktop is currently away for servicing.

What I’m trying to do is to separate a vocal from a guitar accompaniment - using Audacity, of course…

Originally, voice and guitar were recorded on a (audio cassette) four-track recorder, with two mics: vocal on one mono track, guitar on another. Some guitar, however - an acoustic instrument, in this case - spilled over to the vocal track, unavoidably. And now I’d like to get rid of this guitar overspill and preserve the vocal.

Some internet research showed ways of ditching vocals and keeping the instruments. But I found nothing on keeping the voice and ditching (the) instrument(s).

So how can this be done? Audacity has many plug-ins available, the usefulness of many of which is still a mystery to me. Or might there be some filter(s) I don’t yet know of?

Suggestions very much welcome. Thanks in advance.


I doubt that there is any simple way to kill the overspill.
Could you post a short sample - just a few seconds - in WAV format, of the stereo (2 channel) recording.
See here for how to post an audio sample: