Audacity files wont open

Windows 8 Audacity 2.0.3

I have recordings saved in audacity (not mp3’s) that used to open but now do not. Whether I click on the file saved on my desktop or go to the audacity program and click on the file under " recent files" I get the error "(file name).aup cannot be found. It has been removed from the list of recent files.

What is also new is that after I have saved a new recording in audacity a folder populates on my desktop with an array of smaller “data” files egsample e0000cf0

2.0.3 is old now. I suggest you obtain the current 2.1.0 from

No, you should only see that error if you if access the AUP file from the Recent Files list but Audacity cannot find the file with the name and location you originally saved it as.

If you double-click on an AUP file on your Desktop and Audacity cannot open it, it will show a different error for example that it cannot find the project’s _data folder. Is that the error you see when you double-click an AUP file on the Desktop, or something else?

It’s not new at all. An Audacity project has two identically named parts that must live together in the same folder a) an AUP file b) a _data folder.

For example if you have “song.aup” and a “song_data” folder together on your Desktop, Audacity should open that project when you double-click the AUP file. If you rename the AUP file or the _data folder, or move the AUP file only to your Music folder leaving the _data folder where it is, then you won’t be able to open the project.

I suggest you have a good read of


Thank you Gale. As you can tell I am a newby and casual user. I will be reading more to familiarize myself with audacity.