Audacity Files -unable to open [SOLVED]

I Mac 2007 can’t be fixed. Audacity files from 2007 iMac are now on Go Flex Hard Drive stored in “Users”. This Go Flex was connected to newer iMac 2012- OSX El Capitan.Version 10.11.3 & some music files were dropped from hard drive to desktop of newer i Mac. Then I open Audacity 2.0.4 & try to drop music file e.g." Doris Day .aup " into audacity but sign comes up -Error Importing " AUDACITY DID NOT RECOGNIZE THE TYPE OF FILE " /Users/petermillroy/Desktop/Doris Day.aup" . If uncompressed try importing it using “IMPORT RAW” OK.

I have a lot of Audacity music files which now can’t be opened. Is the file name now too long?
I think that the .dmg installer was obtained but not sure.
Thank you for any help.
Peter Millroy

Classical user error. :smiley:

“Doris Day.aup” isn’t a music file. It’s an Audacity project file. And as such, it is text, telling Audacity how to stitch together the various lumps of data from the accompanying “_Doris Day” folder.

If the aup file and the folder are together, you can double click the aup file to open it in Audacity. But you need to copy the folders that go with the project files first.

Once you have finished a task in Audacity, you need to export the resulting audio as a wav file, or an mp3, or whatever file format you prefer. Audacity projects are for working with the audio, exports are for playing back in Media player, or in any other player or device.

Audacity 2.0.4 is obsolete. The current version is 2.1.2 which is available here:

The current 2.1.2 version of Audacity would have recognised that it was a project file and suggested that you use “File > Open”.

Thank you Steve.I downloaded the new version of Audacity & clicked FILE OPEN & all is well.I can listen to my old mates .Thanks Audacity no more help needed.
Peter Millroy

Regardless, it is a restriction that we should not have. Most applications can drag in their own native format.