Audacity files on Skydrive?

Im thinking of storing my old Audacity files on Onedrive. Before I go to the trouble of moving them, I would like to check if anyone here has any comments. Is it a good idea? For example, are there problems working on audacity file that are located in the ‘sky’?

I recommend saving (exporting) WAV or FLAC files rather than your Audacity project files. Or, save both the project files and a FLAC or WAV “backup”.

[u]Here[/u] is some information about the Audacity project file structure.

It’s probably bad to try to run them from “up there.” Always copy the work back down to a local drive for use.

Audacity Project files are a little brittle and if anything happens to system file management, your show may not open when you get it back. That’s why a FLAC or WAV is desirable. The whole show is in one file, but not the complicated timeline and layout. That only happens in a Project.

Also make a list in your head how many applications can open a FLAC. WAV was chosen as Audacity default because all three major computer platforms can open them.


Thanks for the tips. :neutral_face: I will keep my project files where they are.