Audacity files not working properly after moving to a new PC

Hello. I am using windows10, and Audacity 2.0.2. I have recently moved my HDD to a new PC - my audacity project AND Audacity install dir are both on this drive. It turned out that, despite the drive having the same location in the system, the files do not work properly. If the files are not moved from the folder they came in (they worked just fine in the same folder on the old PC) Audacity fails to find the project data. If i move the .aup file AND the _data folder anywhere else, Audacity opens the file but claims all the Audio data block files and claims to find “orphan block files” (which are actually the files of the specific .aup project). The individual block files are all fine, i can open them in audacity and they play normally, so it seems like the app somehow has trouble allocating the files to the project. Log(attached) shows that the program struggles to read some .dlls, but this does not happen when opening a .aup file that was made on the new PC. How can i fix this? Do i need to move something else from the old PC for my projects to work?
log.txt (11.6 KB)