Audacity Files Blank

I was in the middle of editing my podcast in Audacity 2.3.3. It wasn’t letting me import a certain type of file and said that I had to download the ffmpeg and/or lame files and add them to audacity.

When I tried to do that, the computer said I had to update to the new OS for mac. I updated that OS, installed the ffmpeg and lame files and added them as per the instructions.

However, when I now open any audacity file I have on my computer every track is just a blank line. If I open up audio files it shows them normally but any audacity file is just a bunch of flat lines.

Any idea why this is or how to remedy the situation ASAP? Thanks so much for your help. Btw, when I open the files in a text editor, the text editor is not blank so I am pretty sure my files are still there.

Hi there,

It seems to me that Audacity compatibility to Catalina will be enabled for Audacity 2.4.0 (I might be wrong but I think I read this somewhere here in the forum).

What was the type of file you were trying to import to the application? mp4?