Audacity File dropped audio in random places

Does anyone know how to repair an audacity file which seems to have dropped audio in random places?

Thank you!

There’s two versions of skipping. In one, Audacity records the first part and the third part and skips the second, but there’s no hole. The show goes directly from one to three. The next version, audacity records a silent hole where the second part would have been had it been there.

Which one do you have?

In either event, once the work is gone, that’s the end. If there’s no digital signal during some part of the show, there’s no running a filter or effect to make it up from nothing.

Describe what happened in detail and include part numbers.

“I’m singing into a Blue Yeti microphone…”


can you or anyone else on here help me?
I don’t mind paying for some technical support as I really need to regain this file.

We can wait and see if anyone posts back.

Audacity doesn’t offer paid services.

You should plan for what happens if the file doesn’t come back.