Audacity file cannot be loaded [SOLVED]

i made a ccleaner scan of the pc. after that an audacity file cant be loaded . I still have a long list of recorded tracks but I can only hear the single tracks and not the whole audio file

I started a new topic for you so that the user whose topic you jumped into does not get confused.

Please read the pink panel at the top of the page and gives us the details of operating system and Audacity version requested there.

Tell us what you are trying to open. Is it an AUP Audacity Project file? If there are errors when opening an AUP file, please tell us exactly what those errors say. After trying to open the AUP, go to Help > Show Log… then save the log file and attach it here. Please see here for how to attach files:


Audacity 2.0.6 for windows 7
yes it is an AUP Audacity Project file
log.txt (59.5 KB)

Thanks for the details.

You need the AU files listed as missing in the log to be in the e00d00 and e00d01 folders inside the “C:UsersCristianoDesktopangelita 21.03.15_dataangelita 21.03.15_data” folder.

Did you move projects around? You should not normally have one _data folder inside another _data folder. If you want to move or rename projects, open the project and use File > Save Project As… .

Try searching your computer for these two files:

If the files still exist, you should find all the files that way.

Then put the files back in the correct sub-folder indicated in the log.

Files starting with “e0000” go in the “C:UsersCristianoDesktopangelita 21.03.15_dataangelita 21.03.15_datae00d00” folder.

Files starting with “e0001” go in the “C:UsersCristianoDesktopangelita 21.03.15_dataangelita 21.03.15_datae00d01” folder.


yes Gale, I have both this files in the two different folders.
but how can I launch the audio file from these two?

i can just hear the every single track separately…

That is not a track, that is just one of the AU files.

But they are not in the correct folders that Audacity shows in the log. That is what you must fix.

When you open the project do you get any blue waves or is everything a flat line?

Open Windows Explorer. Use the panel on the left to move into the folder that contains “”, so that you see only “” and other AU files in that window. Right-click in the address bar at the top of the window and choose “Copy address as text”. Paste that address here.

Now move into the folder that contains “”. Do the same as above and paste here the address of the folder that contains “”.

Then attach the AUP file that you are trying to open.


C:UsersCristianoDesktopangelita 21.03.15_datae00d00

C:UsersCristianoDesktopangelita 21.03.15_datae00d01
angelita 21.03.15.aup (66.1 KB)

When I try to open the project an error message appears no flat no blu lines

In Explorer, right-click over “angelita 21.03.15.aup” and choose “Copy”.

Navigate in Explorer to your Desktop (C:UsersCristianoDesktop).

Right-click in empty space and choose “Paste” or hold CTRL and press V to paste.

Make sure that on your Desktop you can see the file “angelita 21.03.15.aup” and the folder “angelita 21.03.15_data”.

Now try opening “angelita 21.03.15.aup”.

If you receive errors when opening the project, tell us exactly what the errors say and attach the log again.


May be it is useful another detail.
Before the data loss I tried to copy the folder and to move it in a usb pen.

Anyways, I tried to make as you told me but again the same error message appears, a translation could be "the control of project angelita 21.03.15_data localized 428 file pieces missing, probably due to an error, a crash system or involuntary elimination. Audacity is not able to recuperate these data. Then three choices

  • close the project
  • make audacity treat by mute the file missing this time
  • make audacity …, for ever

It is possible I didn’t get how in explorer I have to copy the auc file

any idea?

In the dialogue you see, choose “Close project immediately”.

That should not be a problem if the project was closed and you select the AUP file and _data folder in Explorer, copy, then paste both into the same folder on the USB stick.

Things go wrong if you copy the AUP file and _data folder into the same folder that the original AUP and _data folder were in, or copy only the AUP file.

The safest solution is always to open the project in Audacity, then use File > Save Project As… .

Are you sure that you have “angelita 21.03.15.aup” and the folder “angelita 21.03.15_data” together on your Desktop? When you are sure about that, restart Audacity and open “angelita 21.03.15.aup”. Attach the Audacity log immediately after opening the project, as I asked you to do if there were still problems.


what do you mean with
“select the AUP file and _data folder in Explorer” ??
I tried to copy right click the folder containing on the desktop both the AUP file and _data folder i a usb pen
I will attach here the image of the folder
log.txt (59.5 KB)

I mean “select the AUP file and _data folder in Explorer”, as I wrote. To select an item in Explorer, click on it with your computer mouse. To select a second item without deselecting the first item, hold CTRL on your computer keyboard, then click the second item.

In your image, you should not have the “e00” folder outside the “angelita 21.03.15_data” folder. Click on the “e00” folder and drag it into the “angelita 21.03.15_data” folder. Restart Audacity then try opening the “angelita 21.03.15.AUP” file.

If you still receive an error when you do that, please attach the Log file again.


I have two “e00” folders actually, one inside and one outside the “angelita 21.03.15_data” folder
in the one outside all the audio files, in the one inside just this file… attached the image
Have I to drag the outside “e00” folder into the “angelita 21.03.15_data” folder?

if I drag the outside “e00” folder into the “angelita 21.03.15_data” folder windows asks me if I want to join togheter the two “e00” like in the image attached
I am sorry Gale but I dont get you about explorer, why have I to use internet browser to copy the mentioned files on my desktop?
sorry and thanks a lot again

This whole mess is because you did not use File > Save Project As… .

You should not have duplicated e00 folders. You should not have a _data folder inside a _data folder. Please see Managing Audacity Projects for how projects are structured.

Yes I think the solution probably is to move the “e00” folder that is on its own into the “angelita 21.03.15_data” folder, but first we have to resolve the conflict merging the contents of the two _data folders or the problems could get even worse.

That “e00001af.auf” file is not listed in the AUP file and only confuses things further. Delete the folder “angelita 21.03.15_dataangelita 21.03.15_datae00d00”.

Please show me the contents of the folder “angelita 21.03.15_dataangelita 21.03.15_datae00d01.”

Your internet browser is called “Internet Explorer” not “Explorer”.


problem solved
i can hear the file again
canceled the extra folder and it works again
Thanks a lot