Audacity falls down?

I’ve been using Audacity for awhile now, been having a lot of fun getting great results.

Today, all of a sudden, Audacity is behaving very strangely, little things at first and then the error message starts appearing. When I’m ready to make a recording this keeps happening. Restarting the computer works for awhile, but then the error message returns. What it means is that I can’t record.

I haven’t changed anything.

Need a little more. What are you recording? If a microphone, which one and how do you have it connected? Which Mac?

Do you use iCloud?


Never used ICloud.

I’m just recording music off the keyboard like I’ve been doing for weeks.

I noticed things were askew this morning when Audacity couldn’t find my interface. I had to go to Utilities and back to System Preference before it could finally find my interface. I had to do this three times today. Each time I did it things were alright for awhile, but then it happened again and I’m scrambling to get my interface back in the game.

Having done that, I press record and the error message comes up, over and over. I can’t record. Scary.

This has been happening for hours.

Edit: Macbook Pro macOS 10.12 Sierra