Audacity failing to use location in audacity.cfg on open

I’m using Linux Mint 17.3 (yes, my profile says Windows 7 — this is my other system) with dual monitors - one each in portrait and landscape mode.

I recently uninstalled the version of Audacity that came preinstalled (2.0.5, I think?) and installed 2.1.2.

Since then, Audacity has not been remembering where to open. Or rather, it has been remembering (i.e. when I check the X, Y, Width, Height values (and ‘Normal_’ versions thereof) in audacity.cfg after closing the window, they are correct), but the next time I open it, the window is in what I assume is the default location (and if I close it without moving/resizing, the location/size values in the audacity.cfg return to the default values).

2.1.2 will return to default size and position if you close it with the screen slightly off the monitor, including partly on one monitor and partly on another. It was done to fix a problem where closing off screen would reopen with an unusably small size.

A fix has been made in our development code so that (I believe) the size will be retained if Audacity is partly off screen. If you were wanting to have Audacity between two monitors I understand the fix will still put you back on the main monitor. I have not tried it myself yet.

You could build Audacity from latest source code and try it out, if you wish:


I’ve done a little more experimenting in the meantime, and have some further information that you may wish to add to your test suite.

My two monitors are oriented like this: ▯▭ (except aligned along the bottom). (In case it’s relevant: this is actually a little tricky to do in Linux Mint; the GUI doesn’t do it correctly and I had to fiddle with xrandr. settings*)

If I move the Audacity window to the bottom of the vertical (left) window, such that its top is below the top of the right window (and none of it is in the right window), it will be in that location the next time I open it.

If I move the Audacity window to any other location on either screen, it will return to its default position. This includes the case where Audacity is wholly in the right (landscape) screen, not between the two.

If I have a chance, I’ll try the dev build, thanks.