"Audacity failed to read from a file in C:." Is recovery possible?

Hi all,
I was editing an hour long podcast with 5 voice tracks.
I saved my final edits to the project (aup3) file, then mixed and rendered them to one track.
I was about to paste in the outro music at the end of that rendered track when something went wrong – the audio waveforms disappeared and the project closed. It briefly showed a progress bar, which looked similar to the one shown when exiting a project after a long editing session, but then it disappeared.
I have searched this forum for answers and I’ve seen others chime in with help for similar issues, I was hoping that my project was also something that wiser minds than mine could figure out.

I’ve zipped the aup3 file and posted it here for download, if anyone can make sense of what may have gone wrong and/or know of solutions for possible recovery. I would really appreciate any info.


It is 1.4 gig in zipped form, 5.72 unzipped, should be 5 vocal tracks, but all I’m able to get is the warning in the subject when I attempt to open in Audacity.

Project was created and edited in Audacity 3.0 if that helps.

I’m using windows 11


OK, I’ve PM’d you a link to the recovered file. :smiley:

I am downloading it now. I am so incredibly appreciative of your efforts!!!

jademan, you are a lifesaver. The file worked fantastically! I shall be more cautious in the future with more frequent savings and backups. I would love to learn more about how to go about reconciling such a flawed file in the future. I’ll do more googling but for now I’m so pleased to have not lost all that editing work!

Thanks for the report. I’m glad this worked out for you. :smiley:

I’ve seen you help many people in this forum with the problem with the aup3 files and was hoping you can help me out as well!

If you can’t all good thank you though if you do! :smiley:

I have PM’d you a link to a recovered project. :smiley:

I appreciate you tons for this thank you again! <3

Thank you for the report back. I’m glad it all seems to be working now. :smiley: