Audacity failed to read from a file from C when exporting or adding effects

I keep getting the message of “Audacity failed to read from a file from C:” when i try to add effects onto my project or export it.
i run windows 10 and audacity 2.2.1
this project is a podcast and i really don’t want to loose this recording and i was looking to upload this recording tomorrow evening.
could anyone help me ASAP it would really mean a lot! :slight_smile: this is my first ever podcast so i really don’t want to loose this.


Where is the project saved? Is it on a remote drive? This problem usually occurs if the project has been moved to a location that Audacity can’t write to.

the project was recorded on my computer and then saved to a new file that i created under documents.
is there anything i can do to still use the project and export it?

Does the project still play correctly, all the way through?

yes the project plays perfectly fine all the way through. the only issue is applying effects and exporting. i even tried to export it in segments like 20min segments but that doesn’t work either.

Where is the project currently saved?

the project is currently saved on this laptop i am using right now under documents and then podcast file.
shall i attach the project?

How big is the project’s “_data” folder?

the project file so the audacity file is 220KB and the data folder that comes with it is 1.42GB

shall i attach it?

OK, so we will hold off from sharing that for now.

So do you mean that the file path is:

What is “<project-name.aup>”?

Has this project ever been stored on-line? (such as on OneDrive, Google Drive, or similar)

No this project has only been saved directly to this computer

yes that is the file path

im not sure if this helps but i used an audio interface when recording the podcast if that changes anything.

is there anything we can do to fix this??? i need to upload this audio soon

What is the exact filename? You can get into magic problems by including punctuation marks in the filename. Did you include dates in the name?

How do you open the show? Audacity > File > Open, or double-clicking the AUP file.

How long is the show?


the exact file name is Audacity Project File (.aup) and i called it podcast1.aup

i open it via documents > podcast episodes > podcast1.aup

the show is 1:11:18 long

just responded