Audacity failed to read a file in C:

Hi everyone, i have a problem about my audacity project saving and exporting. i have 2 project recording by audacity and i wanna to defrag them as a one project. first of all opened first record and then add on second record on 1. record. Priorly, I arrenged both of them. But cannot export as a MP3 format and display erorr " Audacity failed to read a file in C: " . But my driver is empty and work on successfully. By the way i can not saving as a different project, it appears " clearing because it could not register " and then it shutdown the project.

Please could anyone give a hand to me :frowning: I dont wanna lose my project and i cannot re-recording. :frowning:

Thank in advance.

What is the full name of each project, including the full directory path?

Both projects have different names. I hope i got it right.

What are their names (including the full directory path)?

the name of one " YOK DEVE GİRİŞ BÖLÜMÜ 8 KASIM " and second " İLK BÖLÜM SON KISIM HER ŞEY TAMAM " … it’s turkish alphabet.

What is the full path to the file?
For example:
C:\Users\fred\Documents\Audacity\YOK DEVE GİRİŞ BÖLÜMÜ 8 KASIM.aup

I suspect that the problem is that the full name and path has too many characters. By default, Windows has a limit of 256 characters for path names, and Audacity projects have folders within the project “_data” folder.