Audacity fades in- I don't want it to


I have been recording radio segments and haven’t had an issue up till this week. I tried to record a session and noticed that the audio faded in whenever I started speaking. I have changed none of the settings to audacity, but AM working on a new computer. I tried to record on a separate computer with the same effect. One was win 10 and the other win 11. Same YETI mike. Most recent update of audacity. It happens regardless of the position of the microphone. I am on Cardioid mode, mid position gain setting(1/2 way up).

And ideas why this would be happening and how to fix it?



Windows audio enhancements are the #1 suspect.
Disable recording & playback enhancements …
(#2 is audio enhancements provided by the computer manufacturer, e.g. MaxxAudio)

If not, then a conceivable #3:

Sound Activated Recording may have been accidentally enabled. Preferences > Recording > ensure the box marked enable is unchecked.