Audacity exports really long songs in export multiple

So the original sound files are vinyl captures, some with very small songs. 1, 2, 3 minutes etc. Outputted to wavs from the original audacity file, via export multiple, by labels.
Some of them export fine, but some songs from certain albums export like 16 minutes long, some with silence after a few minutes.
I have gone in and checked the labels to see if they are regions, and they are not. The ones in question show no start and end time, so it’s not a 16 minute region. It’s a one minute song.
At first glance most of them seem ok, but there are 50 albums under deadline and it would be a major hassle to have to check each song length or redo everything, although I suspect that even some of the small songs may be off.
Can anyone advise? Thank you

note: the only thing I can think of is that they were captured into an older macbook, in a lower version of audacity (I think just one version down, the OS is Leopard), then I copied the data files over to a drive and brought it into my better macbook for processing/export. The reason for this is that the newer macbook did not have an audio input and my gymnastics to rig up something workable came to naught.

Just wanted to update for anyone else with this question: found the issue. Needed to go to Tracks>merge and render to put it all on one track. It was only doing this when trying to “export multiple” with two tracks. Hope that’s helpful to someone.
First time using Audacity so I’m learning as I go. Thx

Frustrating that I’m not getting an edit button. I feel like an idiot replying to myself.
Just noticed one other issue. Very occasionally, some songs have only exported with a size of a few kilobytes and a length of zero. As far as the file is concerned, all are on one track, the label appears to be a label only and not a region.
I’ve had to do a search in the folder for files under 200 kb just to catch these (there were only a few thank goodness).
What’s up with that? Anyone know? Sounds buggy. thx

There’s a bug in the current version of Audacity.

If you have one track with labels and you Export Multiple based on labels, then the labeled sections are exported correctly.

If you have multiple tracks and you Export Multiple based on tracks, then the tracks are exported correctly.

The bug:
If you have multiple tracks with labels and you Export Multiple based on labels, Audacity may incorrectly add silence to the exported files.

The bug is fixed in the current alpha code, so it will work correctly in the next release. For now it can be worked around as you described, by mixing down the tracks to a single track before exporting multiple files based on labels.

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When you click in the offending label to select it, do you see only a left-pointing arrow in the Timeline about the blue waves, or right and left arrows? If you see right and left arrows, it is a region label. It is possible when you click to place the cursor that you drag slightly as well. If you were not zoomed in, the label will not look like a region label in the label track.


Thank you,
I deleted all the problem labels so I"m not sure not. I’ll keep an eye out for that.
Thanks =)