audacity exported files have low volume and noise

I recently installed Audacity and started recording. I exported the recorded voice file to mp3 and wave but the exported files have very less volume (voice) and when I raised the volume there is a noise sound (like a radio buzz), but in the project file, the recorded voice is loud and clear. i used all the video and audio players, it’s the same output in all of them.
project rate (Hz) 44100

I’m using
the latest version of audacity 3.1.3
windows 10
please help. thanks, i advance

First step. Make a backup project of your show.

File > Save Project > Backup Project.

That will give you a perfect project with no links or depencies back to the original show.

It’s a stereo show, right? Two blue waves? Select the whole show.

Tracks > Mix > Mix Stereo Down To Mono.

Did it suddenly turn into a low volume, noisy show?


:laughing: :astonished: :smiley: thankyou, it worked :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:
till now i have pulled out 127 hairs out of my head to make this work. you have saved me from getting bald. thankyou :unamused:

I’m getting a voice in the recording now. still in the starting phase. the audio is looking like an old retro age recording, i can’t put it on youtube, any link or tips to make it fit on youtube channel audio?
thanks again

While you have your original stereo show open and before you do anything to it, Open the drop-down menu on the left and Split Stereo Track. Select one of the two now separated tracks and Effect > Invert.

Back to the menu on the left > Make Stereo Track.

Did all your evil sound damage go away? Chances are terrific you or whoever made your original track connected your microphone wrong.

What is your microphone and how is it connected? The name for this is creating an “out of phase” stereo track and it’s easier to do by accident than you think. There was a recent broadcast radio interview where the guest was clear and loud, but the interviewer’s voice was out of phase, weird-sounding, low volume, and distorted. It’s seriously magic damage because the producer may not even hear it until later when someone tries to listen to the show on their phone.