Audacity Export option inexistent

Windows 10 Audacity 2.2.0
I have been trying for a couple of hours now to make this damn file export but the issuee I have is that audacity will not let me import the file as a wav, simply because it only allows me to save it as an aup file and te export option simply is not there.

In Audacity 2.2.0, the export options are in “File menu > Save Other” (
This was done as an attempt to help people that could not find how to ‘save’ an audio file. Unfortunately it seems to have confused as many as it helped, so the next Audacity release will bring back an “Export” menu item.

If you double-click on the aup-file it should open in Audacity, then save a copy in WAV format …
saving as WAV in Audacity 2-2-0.gif