Audacity Error 2


I am using Audacity for Mac OS X. I was working on a project when Audacity shut down. When I went to open that particular project or any other saved projects I got a pop up window which said 'cannot open file (error 2: No such file or directory).

I didn’t move or delete any files. I had my worked saved on a harddrive and that will not open either.

Please can anyone help me?


How are you doing that?

Just clicking into the saved Audacity files like I always have. I have been working on this project for a few months now, opening and saving it successfully and have only faced this problem now.

What is the exact name of the project and where is it stored?

Are you using “Open Recent” to open it? If so, when you pull down the “Open Recent” menu, what is the exact path to the file you are trying to open?

– Bill

I have the project saved in a folder on my desktop so I am just opening it from there. All my Audacity projects are showing the same error so I will just post one of the names: HANNAH FINAL PROJECT.aup