Audacity Equalization Error and Crash

Every time I select audio and go Effect>Equalizer, i receive this error:

Error Loading EQ Curves from file:
/Users/sarahmaclellan/Library/Application Support/audacity/EQCurves.xml
Error message says:
Error: no element found at line 1

I have tried locating the EQcurve.xml file, however, I cannot locate it. I even tried reinstalling Audacity.

Using MAC Sierra v. 10.12.6

Any suggestions on a fix for this? I use the equalizer a lot and have never had this issue before.

Have attached the error report.
ErrorReport.xml (369 KB)

In the Finder, click on the “Go” menu, then select “Go to folder…”

In the dialog, type: ~/sarahmaclellan/Library/Application Support/audacity then click OK.

Have you used the “Save / Manage Curves” function to save some named, custom curves? If not, trash the “EQCurves.xml” file you’ll find there.

If you have some custom curves you want to save, do this:

  • open EQCurves.xml in TextEdit
  • copy and paste the contents of that file to a message here: I’ll have a look at it and see if anything can be salvaged.

– Bill

So I think that’s the problem. When I went to uninstall Audacity and reinstall, I think I stupidly deleted that folder :frowning:. Any ideas on how to get that back?

If you deleted the audacity folder inside Application Support, you have effectively reset Audacity.

If you have run Audacity, it will create that audacity folder, so you should still be able to get to it using the Go command as I described.

If you are still getting the crash when using the Equalization effect then it is some other issue than a bad EQCurves.xml file.

– Bill

Have found the Application Support folder, however, inside it all i see is the libraries folder. There wasn’t an EQCruves.xml there, even before i re-installed.

I did re-download the default one through this link, but the issue remains.

Here’s the text from that file:

	<curve name="AM Radio">
		<point f="20.000000000000" d="-63.670000000000"/>
		<point f="31.000000000000" d="-33.219000000000"/>
		<point f="50.000000000000" d="-3.010000000000"/>
		<point f="63.000000000000" d="-0.106000000000"/>
		<point f="100.000000000000" d="0.000000000000"/>
		<point f="2500.000000000000" d="0.000000000000"/>
		<point f="4000.000000000000" d="-0.614000000000"/>
		<point f="5000.000000000000" d="-8.059000000000"/>
		<point f="8000.000000000000" d="-39.981000000000"/>
		<point f="20000.000000000000" d="-103.651000000000"/>
		<point f="48000.000000000000" d="-164.485000000000"/>
	<curve name="Telephone">
		<point f="20.000000000000" d="-94.087000000000"/>
		<point f="200.000000000000" d="-14.254000000000"/>
		<point f="250.000000000000" d="-7.243000000000"/>
		<point f="315.000000000000" d="-2.245000000000"/>
		<point f="400.000000000000" d="-0.414000000000"/>
		<point f="500.000000000000" d="0.000000000000"/>
		<point f="2500.000000000000" d="0.000000000000"/>
		<point f="3150.000000000000" d="-0.874000000000"/>
		<point f="4000.000000000000" d="-3.992000000000"/>
		<point f="5000.000000000000" d="-9.993000000000"/>
		<point f="48000.000000000000" d="-88.117000000000"/>
	<curve name="Walkie-talkie">
		<point f="100.000000000000" d="-120.000000000000"/>
		<point f="101.000000000000" d="0.000000000000"/>
		<point f="2000.000000000000" d="0.000000000000"/>
		<point f="2001.000000000000" d="-120.000000000000"/>
	<curve name="100Hz Rumble">
		<point f="20.000000000000" d="-80.000000000000"/>
		<point f="49.237316986327" d="-33.107692718506"/>
		<point f="54.196034330446" d="-29.553844451904"/>
		<point f="88.033573501041" d="-6.923076629639"/>
		<point f="95.871851182279" d="-4.523078918457"/>
		<point f="108.957037410504" d="-1.938461303711"/>
		<point f="123.828171198057" d="-0.738462448120"/>
		<point f="149.228077614658" d="-0.092308044434"/>
	<curve name="RIAA">
		<point f="20.000000000000" d="19.274000000000"/>
		<point f="25.000000000000" d="18.954000000000"/>
		<point f="31.000000000000" d="18.516000000000"/>
		<point f="40.000000000000" d="17.792000000000"/>
		<point f="50.000000000000" d="16.946000000000"/>
		<point f="63.000000000000" d="15.852000000000"/>
		<point f="80.000000000000" d="14.506000000000"/>
		<point f="100.000000000000" d="13.088000000000"/>
		<point f="125.000000000000" d="11.563000000000"/>
		<point f="160.000000000000" d="9.809000000000"/>
		<point f="200.000000000000" d="8.219000000000"/>
		<point f="250.000000000000" d="6.677000000000"/>
		<point f="315.000000000000" d="5.179000000000"/>
		<point f="400.000000000000" d="3.784000000000"/>
		<point f="500.000000000000" d="2.648000000000"/>
		<point f="630.000000000000" d="1.642000000000"/>
		<point f="800.000000000000" d="0.751000000000"/>
		<point f="1000.000000000000" d="0.000000000000"/>
		<point f="1250.000000000000" d="-0.744000000000"/>
		<point f="1600.000000000000" d="-1.643000000000"/>
		<point f="2000.000000000000" d="-2.589000000000"/>
		<point f="2500.000000000000" d="-3.700000000000"/>
		<point f="3150.000000000000" d="-5.038000000000"/>
		<point f="4000.000000000000" d="-6.605000000000"/>
		<point f="5000.000000000000" d="-8.210000000000"/>
		<point f="6300.000000000000" d="-9.980000000000"/>
		<point f="8000.000000000000" d="-11.894000000000"/>
		<point f="10000.000000000000" d="-13.734000000000"/>
		<point f="12500.000000000000" d="-15.609000000000"/>
		<point f="16000.000000000000" d="-17.708000000000"/>
		<point f="20000.000000000000" d="-19.620000000000"/>
		<point f="25000.000000000000" d="-21.542000000000"/>
		<point f="48000.000000000000" d="-27.187000000000"/>
	<curve name="Bass Boost">
		<point f="100.000000000000" d="9.000000000000"/>
		<point f="500.000000000000" d="0.000000000000"/>
	<curve name="Bass Cut">
		<point f="150.000000000000" d="-50.000000000000"/>
		<point f="300.000000000000" d="0.000000000000"/>
	<curve name="Treble Boost">
		<point f="4000.000000000000" d="0.000000000000"/>
		<point f="5000.000000000000" d="9.000000000000"/>
	<curve name="Treble Cut">
		<point f="6000.000000000000" d="0.000000000000"/>
		<point f="10000.000000000000" d="-110.000000000000"/>
	<curve name="Low rolloff for speech">
		<point f="50.0" d="-120.0"/>
		<point f="60.0" d="-50.0"/>
		<point f="65.0" d="-24.0"/>
		<point f="70.0" d="-12.0"/>
		<point f="80.0" d="-4.0"/>
		<point f="90.0" d="-1.0"/>
		<point f="100.0" d="0.0"/>
	<curve name="unnamed"/>

That’s probably the wrong Application Support folder. There are two.
One is at /Library/Application Support/audacity
the other is at ~/Library/Application Support/audacity.

Note the “~” character in the second one. That is the place you want to look.

Also, there should be a “libs” folder inside /Library/Application Support/audacity, not a folder named “libraries”.

– Bill