Audacity either records my mic or the computer? I need Both

I want to record gameplay while doing commentary.

So I need to record:

My speech
Skype or Teamspeak sound

My mic: Blue Yeti

Can anyone help me? Tried all settings what am I missing?

The step where you order and install FRAPS.

Audacity will only record from one device or service. You can also do this with two computers and an outboard sound mixer, although that technique will still mix Game sound with the other players.


I just wanted a way to get clear audio… hmmmm…

My recording software is Mirillis Action. I will record the game/skype with that, and my audio with Audacity?

The local microphone? Yes, if the game and other software lets you. Audacity doesn’t Play Well With Others and trying to strong-arm the sound channels can be very entertaining.

Try it. Using the Device Toolbar, select your microphone or mic service, make sure it works OK and then try to run everything else. Remember the Game, Communications and Audacity are all stepping on the microphone at the same time. If you tell the game to make your mic louder, you’re likely to get a little mushroom cloud over the computer from conflicts.

Just when we’re convinced of mixed services failing all the time, somebody comes along, pushed a few buttons and everything runs just fine. The problem is, we can’t tell everybody to do the same thing because those people are celebrities and their systems are one-offs.