Audacity Effects - Loading/Installation


How do I get the Audacity effects VST, Nyquist, FFMpeg & Lame from here:

to my Audacity platform?

Some of them have over 50 pages of effects??? I can’t load them individually, that would take far too much time. I need some help/confused.

Please help. :astonished:


PS: I’m iMac Monetery 12.3.1

Which effects do you need? Audacity ships with a good selection of effects by default.

Hi there, thank you for the reply.

She states

“Load them ALL> VST, Nyquist, FFMpeg & Lame. You need the effects (VST & Nyquist) plug-ins to be able to edit (compression, EQ, limiters, etc.), and you need the LADSPA (Lame & FFmpeg) to be able to export files properly. The FFmpeg library allows you to export in multiple raw file formats, while the Lame library allows you to export to mp3. You NEED these for auditions.”

Some of the lists are ridiculously long.

Built in Compressor:
Built in Graphic EQ:
Another built-in EQ:
Yet another built-in EQ:
Built in Limiter:
List of built in effects:

LADSPA effects are ancient. I would not recommend them.

Lame is now built in by default.

FFmpeg is only required to support importing / exporting proprietary formats. Audacity has built in support for WAV. AIFF, MP3, OGG, and FLAC.

Thank you Steve, very helpful!

Do I simply click the links you’ve provided under “compression, EQ, Limiters etc”?

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