Audacity Effects for making good video game sound effects

So i like using audacity when im making sound effects for a forum, i record something in real life then i use Flanger or Phaser to make them sound like whatever i like, but i have a question, as you’ve just read i only have been using flanger and phaser because that’s the only effects i know to modify a recording. I was hoping someone here could tell me some other effects i could use to make interesting sounds, i tried most of them ( including the 90-plug in pack) and couldnt find anything interesting or how some of them ever work.

So if anyone knows any good effects to modify a recording please post your suggestion :slight_smile:

Change Speed
Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift (Audacity 1.3.13)
Also, see here:

Oh i totally forgot, so the effects i have used are:

-Change Speed
-Change Pitch
-Change Tempo
-DJ Flanger

Ill check out the link