audacity duplicated sound


I have:

MacBook air late 2014 running Catalina and I record podcasts and use Rode podcaster USB plugged into the computer directly, I recently decided to come again to podcasting and I am facing this issue.

when recording, I hear a hissing noise and myself at the same time.

I have attached a sample to help.

Many thanks in advance

You’re coming back more than once. That sounds like ordinary feedback in a very large room. The delay time sounds like one pass through Audacity. Are you listening with headphones? Where are they plugged in? You can’t listen to yourself by monitoring the computer and you can’t use speakers with most live recording.

This microphone has a place to plug in headphones to hear your voice in real time with no delay or distortion.

Do you like to record internet or YouTube sound? Those settings also produce a feedback pathway that isn’t a problem until you try to live record. What is the recording or microphone set to in the Audacity control panel? Is it the Rode or something else?

Screen Shot 2020-03-08 at 9.50.30.png

Thank you very much Koz, sorted.

I just my mac to record podcats nothing fancy :slight_smile:

Thanks again and have a lovely day