Audacity don't launch : Mismatch between the program and library build versions detected.


I have another problem with audacity : when i try to launch it, i have this error :

The library used 3.0 (wchar_t,compiler with C++ ABI 1013,wx containers,compatible with 2.8),
and your program used 3.0 (wchar_t,compiler with C++ ABI 1011,wx containers,compatible with 2.8).

I have tried to reinstall wxwidgets with apt, but didn’t work. Can you help me please ? I’m on Debian 10.

Thanks !

EDIT : I use Audacity from the Debian 10 repository

I’ve just tried installing Audacity 2.2.2 from the Debian repository onto a clean install of Debian 10.4, and it works fine.