Audacity doesnt work

Hello peeps, I have a problem with Audacity…
I wont record anything, I´ve put it on the settings that everbodys telling about (stereo mix ) and set it as default device… But it wont reacts on incoming sounds…

I use an firewire interface, is that maybe the problem? Or can somebody explain me what I have to do to make it work?

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Greetings Mit

“Stereo Mix” is for recording whatever sound is going to your computer speakers. (They used to call it “What-U-Hear”.) I assume that’s not what you are doing??? Stereo Mix is one way to record streaming audio from the Internet.

If you want to record from the firewire interface, you should select the firewire interface as the source, not stereo mix.

Did you install the drivers for your interface?
What interface do you have?
Does your interface show-up in the Windows Control Panel?
What are you trying to record?
Can you hear any sound from the interface to your computer speakers.?
With the drivers installed & working, you should be able to configure Windows to hear the sound going-into your interface without running any application. (Windows has separate recording & playback “mixers”, so you don’t necessarily record what you are hearing.)

Describe what you’re actually doing. “I want to record my guitar with a USB microphone.” Or even any microphone. We’ll ask more if we can’t figure it out.

You need to know that recording something and hearing it while you’re recording are different. If you Press record and get the bouncing red recording meters and blue waves, you are totally getting a good recording, but there’s a setting you need to change so you can hear it at the same time.

If you’re using a live microphone, headphones are highly recommended.


I use a Forcusrite Saffire Pro 14 Firewire interface, but the drivers are installed properly because everything works fine.
If i go to Control Panel → Sound → Recording, I can choose stereo mix, if I set these as default it doesnt get any signal thats coming in, even if I select the Microphone Saffire he does the same to…

Is it because I dont have a microphone hooked on, so my computer cant hear anything?

I want to record ’ what u hear ’ like audio stream or vocals from a movie to use in my tracks.

The meters in audacity arent bouncing, nor I can see the recording wave forms.

“Stereo Mix” is a “virtual input” on your built-in sound card - it will record sounds that are playing through the built-in sound card.
If you are playing sounds through the Forcusrite, then those sounds are not passing through the built-in sound card, so they won’t be recorded. To use Stereo Mix you must play back through the built-in sound card. The sound quality is likely to be reasonable even if the on-board (built-in) sound card is not very good. You can switch playback back to the Forcusrite after you have recorded, or, while in Audacity, simply set the Focusrite as the playback device in the device toolbar.

Ive selected both Focusrite settings on the toolbar, but still no sound.

The input ive chosen was Microphoen saffire, I cant choose another one.

I attached a printscreen of my toolbar

Well that is set to record a microphone plugged into the Focusrite.
What are you trying to record?

I´m trying to record ‘what u hear’ like vocals from movie voor the use in tracks

Then, in the device toolbar you need to set the playback (output) device to use the on-board sound card and the recording (input) device to use “Stereo Mix”. If you want to hear what is happening then you will also need to plug your headphones into the computer’s headphone socket.

I tried that , but nothing happens… It seems that my audacity doesnt read what I play over my speakers or doesnt get any signal from that…

Anyone that knows the solution?

Where is the sound being produced - in the web browser?

Have you set the default Windows playback device to be the onboard sound device? You cannot record stereo mix from sounds playing on the Saffire.